I love to create bold and experimental patterns for the fashion and home decor markets that make a statement and leave an impression.

I find inspiration in the story behind an idea. My most successful designs start by imagining the small details of the person who would connect with my prints. Since the story is such a strong part of my inspiration and process, I believe we can use our imaginations to create new and unique stories through design.  

While I appreciate crisp and clean vector work, I gravitate towards more organic, hand-drawn motifs. I like to draw with chunky pens and use watercolors in order to inject a personal touch. Then after I bring my assets into Photoshop I go to town experimenting with colors, layer styles and masks. 

I live in St. Petersburg, FL with my partner in life and all things creative, Jess, and our rescue pup, Penny.  

If you're interested in professional, modern and lively designs, I offer:

  • Commissioned designs developed to fit your specific needs

  • Coordinate prints to complete a collection

  • Color palettes that speak to the latest trends and season

  • Repeat services to take a design to print-ready completion

Past work includes designs created for: Tesco, Griffin, and Bed Bath and Beyond

Adriana Generallo

Need more traditional marketing services?  Check out  Big Sea,  where I serve as Design Director by day!